Notice to Pizza Box Purchasers

I — John Correll — designed pizza boxes from 1992 to 2008. To support that endeavor I posted on this website a large amount of material pertaining to my personal opinions and ideas about pizza box design, manufacture, and use. Subsequently, without my permission a pizza box manufacturer recently appropriated some of those opinions and ideas from this website and inserted it into its marketing material, in particular its product catalog. Further, it then stated at the bottom of this unauthorized material that it "comes from Correll Concepts LP." It causes me great sadness to have to publicly make known that this is a false statement. Correll Concepts LP, which stands for Correll Concepts Limited Partnership, never provided any such material to that box-maker, or to any box-maker.

Sadly, to prevent future unauthorized and inappropriate use of my personal opinions and ideas pertaining to pizza packaging, which I once posted on this site, I have herewith removed all of that material (except for an article on the History of Pizza Packaging). I have done this to forestall further unauthorized and inappropriate use of my personal name, and/or the name of any of my companies, by pizza box manufacturing corporations.

Finally, I close this message by noting that it's truly a sad day when executives of a large multi-million dollar corporation can't (and/or don't) create their own marketing ideas and material but, instead, find need to resort to appropriating — or, as some might say, "stealing" — the ideas and material of another person and then, worst of all, seek to bolster the credibility of their business by incorporating that person's name, or the name of one of his companies, into their marketing material.