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The Driver's Handbook
A How-to Manual for Pizza Delivery Drivers
To receive the free Driver's Handbook (by email) ...

Send an email to email here.

1. In the subject bar of the email type: Driver Handbook.

2. In the message section of the email type:

A. Your Name
B. Your Job Title
C. Your Company's Name

Upon receiving the email, I will send you a reply email with the Driver's Handbook attached. This pizza delivery driver's handbook is a 16-page Microsoft Word file that you can print as needed. It's authored by John Correll and is a thorough, easy-to-read, nicely-formatted document that's designed to be universally applicable. Correll Consulting, LLC is providing it free of charge as a public service to those in the pizza industry — in the hope that it will make the jobs of over 20,000 pizzeria managers and 175,000 pizza delivery drivers a little easier … and even safer and more rewarding.

Along with being a great reference handbook, it's also an excellent guide for creating an effective delivery training program.

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DISCLAIMER: A diligent effort has been made to provide true, factual, and complete information in the Driver's Handbook. However, publisher, author, and distributor make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Handbook or the suitability or validity of the suggestions and information contained therein. Further, the Handbook and its contents are made available solely on an "as-is" basis. In no event shall publisher or author be liable to anyone for damages of any kind in connection with or arising out of the use of this material or implementation of the suggestions contained therein. Also, publisher and author shall not be liable for any claim of any kind by another party against a distributor and/or user of the Handbook. If you cannot accept the terms of this disclaimer, you should refrain from requesting a copy of the Driver's Handbook.

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