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Wow the Customer, Exceed Expectations: WHY This Is the Most Misguided Management Mantra of the Century … and What to Do About It

Satisfaction Beats Wow!

To order Wow the Customer, Exceed Expectations!, click here. ~ This book replaces the online version of Wowing the Customer, which appeared on from 2002–2011. Unlike the online version, this new book is reader-friendly and easy to use. (To view a chapter sample, see the “Look Inside” section below.)

Wow the Customer front coverCheck out company creeds, management books, business courses, and seminars — what one thing do you find nearly everywhere? It’s the instruction “Wow your customers!” Or, its wordier variation “Exceed your customers’ expectations.”

Of course, the true believers of this misguided precept aren’t talking about wowing a customer or exceeding expectations just once. Nosiree — they’d have us do it in every encounter with every customer.

The wow-the-customer, exceed-expectations mantra has grown to become one of the most loudly-proclaimed, universally-accepted precepts of the business world. The way some consultants and company execs speak of it you’d think that it’s the panacea for all business ills.

But, at least one person (the author) is puzzled by it. And puzzled by the fact that not a single voice has arisen to question or challenge this precept. Well, this book poses that challenge. And, in so doing, exposes the wow-the-customer, exceed-expectations concept in a wholly different, eye-opening light.

This is an EASY-READ book — small pages, large text, ample white space, clearly written, logically organized. It can be read in entirety in less than 30 minutes.

A Look Inside …
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Technical Info …
FULL TITLE: Wow the Customer, Exceed Expectations!: WHY This Is the Most Misguided Management Mantra of the Century … and What to Do About It
BOOK TYPE: Paperback, 36 pages, 5 x 8 inch page size
AUTHOR: John Correll
ISBN: 978-1-938001-02-4
PUBLISHER: Correll Consulting, LLC — dba Fulfillment Press
PRINTER: Createspace

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About the Author …
John Correll - 2005Photo circa 2005

John Correll is a full-time writer. His specialty is easier books — easier to read, understand, and benefit from. His background includes restaurant and pizzeria manager, training director, corporate VP, entrepreneur, college instructor, business consultant, and, more recently, packaging designer and inventor (holding 43 patents). Nearly all facets of his professional background pertain, directly or indirectly, to business marketing, management, or operations. He enjoys fishing, hiking, and long-distance bicycling. The dynamics of business marketing and sales-building have been an abiding interest of his for the past 45 years.

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