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 Correll Pizza Box Patents

INTRODUCTION: Correll Concepts — Leaders in Innovative Pizza Packaging Design™ — pursued pizza packaging design with a passion. Pizza boxes were our priority and our focus. We operated from 1992 to 2010. In that time we invented, perfected, and patented more pizza box and breadstick box concepts than any other company — or any group of companies — in the world.

Correll Concepts LP (John Correll) holds 43 patents on pizza packaging and pizza-business related inventions. Here's the list.

U.S. Pat. 5,381,949 - Box
U.S. Pat. D356,254 - Pizza Box
U.S. Pat. D371,296 - Cover for Pizza Box
U.S. Pat. 5,549,241 - Interlock for Stackable Boxes
U.S. Pat. 5,553,771 - Resource-saving Box
U.S. Pat. 5,586,716 - Designer-cover Box
U.S. Pat. 5,595,339 - Blank for One-piece Octagonal Box
U.S. Pat. D380,152 - Food Container
U.S. Pat. D380,072 - Pet Treat
U.S. Pat. D380,965 - Covered Food Container
U.S. Pat. D385,785 - Sealable Container
U.S. Pat. 5,713,509 - Convertible Box
U.S. Pat. 5,752,651 - Matable Blank and Food Carton
U.S. Pat. D394,388 - Cover Panel of a Box Blank
U.S. Pat. 5,806,755 - Product-protecting Pizza Carton
U.S. Pat. D400,438 - Cover Panel of a Box Blank
U.S. Pat. 5,833,130 - Multi-function Pizza Carton
U.S. Pat. D402,435 - Edible Product
U.S. Pat. 5,881,948 - Expandable Pizza Box and Method of Use
U.S. Pat. 5,918,797 - Blank for Improved Pizza Box
U.S. Pat. 5,961,035 - Designer Pizza Box with Enhancements
U.S. Pat. 6,016,951 - Pizza Box with Roll-over Expandable Wall Section
U.S. Pat. 6,065,669 - Slanting-wall Pizza Box
U.S. Pat. 6,070,791 - Non-radially-symmetrical Pizza-box-fitable Food Cup
U.S. Pat. D427,526 - Cover Panel of a Box Blank
U.S. Pat. 6,092,715 - Easy-to-use Pizza Box
U.S. Pat. D436,533 - Cover Panel of a Box Blank
U.S. Pat. 6,196,448 - Heat-retaining Food Carton
U.S. Pat. 6,206,277 - Quality-enhancing Pizza Carton
U.S. Pat. 6,223,979 - Crush-resisting Paperboard Clamshell Carton
U.S. Pat. 6,290,122 - Versatile Pizza Carton
U.S. Pat. 6,533,164 - Multi-featured Blank for a Food Carton

U.S. Pat. 6,547,125 - Material-saving Food Carton

U.S. Pat. 6,748,722 - Method of Reducing Heat Loss of Hot Pizzeria Pizza…
U.S. Pat. 6,889,891 - Multi-featured Box and Blank
U.S. Pat. 6,892,932 - Efficient Food Carton
U.S. Pat. 6,922,976 - Method of Packaging and Transporting Pizza…
U.S. Pat. 7,007,837 - Box with Article-retaining Structure
U.S. Pat. D525,867 - Cover Panel of a Box Blank
U.S. Pat. D531,898 - Cover Panel of a Box Blank
U.S. Pat. D538,648 - Cover Panel of a Box Blank
U.S. Pat. D553,976 - Food Carton Cover Panel
U.S. Pat. 8,025,207- Material-saving Pizza Box

YOU CAN VIEW A COPY of any of the above patents as recorded in the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office).

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