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Correll Consulting, LLC, a Michigan-based limited liability company, specializes in book creation and publishing, seminar presentations, and consulting. It is also the owner and presenter of this website.

Correll Consulting was founded by John Correll in 1973. During the 1980s and 1990s the company focused on providing consulting services to the pizzeria and restaurant industry. Specialties included new-product development, operational systems enhancement, and strategic differentiation. Clients ranged from single-unit pizzerias to the world's largest chains, within the U.S. and abroad. In addition to pizzeria and restaurant companies it also consulted to suppliers to the industry. For a listing of Correll Consulting clients and projects, see pages 8-11 of Correll CV.

In 1993, Correll founded Correll Concepts LP, a packaging design and patenting firm that created and marketing unique pizza box concepts. It resulted in over 40 patents. The company continued operations up to 2010.

JOHN CORRELL, founder of Correll Consulting, has pioneered numerous pizza industry firsts. Known as The Innovation Specialist™ — some of John's innovations include: Conceiving and creating the world's first fast-food pizza concept … Pioneering conveyor baking as the first person in the restaurant and pizza industry to use a conveyor oven … Implementing 5-minute pizza-baking … Introducing pizza drive-thru service and lunch-time carry-out pizza in seconds … Formulating and selling the first personal-size pizza … Designing and selling the first low-calorie (Lite) pizza … Introducing the first portion control methods used in pizza preparation … Formulating and selling the first breakfast pizza … Staging the first World's Longest Pizza event … Creating Domino's Pizza's first manager training program and writing its first Store Operations Manual … Creating the pizza industry's first database-driven marketing program using a PC … and researching, writing, compiling Encyclopizza®, the first complete online reference resource on pizza preparation technology (over 425 printed pages).

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(NOTE: Although Correll Consulting, LLC has a similar-sounding name to Correll Concepts LP, the two companies are legally distinct business entities.)


John Correll - 2005John Correll - Photo circa 2005